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Posted on30 Jul 2012
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On July 30, 2012
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Join and you will be Getting It On! Successful site for hooking up. Highly Recommended!

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GetItOn has an advantage over other adult dating sites in that they put some real work into matching you up with people. They take a page out of the romantic dating sites (places like Match and OK Cupid that are trying to get you together with someone to marry) and have you fill out a profile. They use an algorithm to match your profile results to everyone else’s and determine how well suited you are to them. For each member you’ll see a percentage and the higher that percentage is the better you’ll get along, theoretically at least. If you fill out your profile completely you’ll get better results and even more importantly, when everyone else fills out their profile you know a great deal more about them than if you were to meet them at a bar. It gives this site a huge advantage over others since much of the groundwork is done before you even join up. You can narrow your focus to the girls that are into what you’re into, that look the way you want them to look, etc, without having to paw through hundreds of profiles. Given the low cost of membership and the ease of the profile process it’s a great site to consider joining. The answer to the question: Does Getiton work? is YES.


The Five Point Test


1) Real Versus Fake/Scamming Members On Get It On

I was utterly delighted to see that GetItOn is free of the fake profiles that are meant to urge members to join. The basic idea of those is that you’ll see a profile so amazing you just have to sign up so you can message the girl and go on a date. Of course, that profile is fake and you never hear back from her but now they’ve got your money. As a member of many adult dating sites I despise those profiles and I’m delighted when a site like GetItOn forgoes using them, instead preferring to coast on their quality.

I haven’t seen any escort profiles either. I know they don’t really care if an escort joins since as long as she gives them money they’re good. I suspect that an escort might see that asking for money on a site with so much free sex would be silly and thus they refuse to join. It’s always worth being on the lookout for obviously fake profiles if you’re a married man just in case your wife or a private investigator is trying to trap you. Otherwise you’ll probably have lots of luck contacting ladies just like I did. So is Get It On Real Or Fake? REAL ALL THE WAY!


2) Size of the Membership Base

GetItOn is not a huge site, falling short of the really big players in this business but I don’t think that should deter you. A search in the NYC area came back with more than 1500 women in the 18-46 range, which isn’t a huge number. However, you only need one woman to get back to you to have a good time and if you expand the search a little wider there are lots more choices. Still, it’s a weakness that the site hasn’t yet grown as impressively as others in the genre.

3) Site Design and Functionality Get It On Review

I would count this among the most well designed sex dating sites on the web with a level of functionality that goes way beyond most. I’ve already talked about the matching system so you know about that but the rest of the site meets that level of quality or surpasses it. The search function is amazing and flexible and allows you to change your parameters immediately to find something new. The site’s overall design is simple and pretty and makes finding a new gal simple.

There’s a great deal of free video content just a click away and it streams in browser so you can get right to the fun. Your profile can be quickly updated at any time and you can visit and peruse the profiles of your favorite ladies simply. There’s a ton of information available if the girl has filled it out but they make it really easy to look through it all and judge if she’s the girl for you. Her pictures and videos will probably be the strongest just of that and they’re all very well presented.


4) Your Chances of Success With Get It On

GetItOn isn’t a huge site but so far I’ve had a great deal of success, including just two nights ago. I met a 31 year old bisexual girl named Monica at a coffee place to ensure that we were both interested and we ended up talking about her various sexual experiences. She was utterly charming and highly sexual and when we went back to her place she was fantastic between the sheets. She gave oral sex like I’ve never had before and wanted to try every position, including a few I’ve never done before.

I was actually messaged once by a 23 year old that wanted to do something that very night so I agreed immediately. It was a little risky since that stuff can be scammy but it turned out she was a chubby girl looking for some loving and I was ready to give it to her. We spent the night at my place and even had anal sex, which is a true rarity in my adult dating experiences. If you put together a good profile and you write good messages to prospective dates there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a great time at GetItOn.The high success rate is the #1 reason my Getiton Review is so high!


5) Billing Information

GetItOn is reasonably priced at $18.99/month and that’s if you pay for it one month at a time. Pay for four months all billed at once and it works out to be $9.99/month. Go for 18 months at once and you get $5.99/month, the lowest price in the business and a remarkable deal. You can pay by credit card, electronic check, or by mail with a money order, check, or credit card. If you pay with a CC you will be billed discreetly.


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  1. Greg P says
    Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    Getiton is exactly what is says. Everyone on there is looking for a hookup. The site does a great job keeping it simple, if you are looking to get it on than I highly recommend giving this site a try! 5/5 stars from me!

  2. Mike Stone says
    Oct 6, 2012 | Reply

    I was getting so tired of trying to meet girls on the internet. I used all the usual free services, POF, CL, you name it and nothing worked. I either did not get a reply from any of the woman I messaged or worse it would be some scam trying to get my cash. I created a profile for free on get it on to check it and really liked what I saw, I later purchased a 1 month membership plan so I could contact some of the woman. Its clear the difference between a paid social sex site and a free one. The cost of membership really keeps out the scammers. I highly recommend giving this site a try. I am a very happy customer!

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