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Posted on30 Jul 2012
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Nowadays it’s rare to see an adult dating site as simple as XDating. It’s basically pictures, a brief bit of information in the profile, and the ability to message someone. There are no videos, no blogposts, no erotic stories, no camchats with potential mates, etc. They don’t even offer much of a profile. In some ways I really appreciate the simplicity since it really streamlines everything but it’s also a detriment since there’s so little information about most potential dates. I suppose on a dating site all you really care about is what a girl looks like so it’s not such a big deal. It’s kind of a small site too but I haven’t actually had any trouble getting in contact with girls and getting laid so as adult dating destinations go it’s actually a pretty good choice. The answer to the question Does Xdating work? is YES.


The Five Point Test


1) Real Versus Fake/Scamming Members On Xdating

The first sign that a profile is fake or scammy is the picture, generally. If it looks too professional or too much like a porn model then it’s probably not the real deal. If the lighting is flawless and she looks airbrushed then someone is running game. XDating has profile pictures like that but nothing else about the profiles leads me to believe there are many fakes. Other sites add fake profiles because they want you to think there are more hotties than they actually have so you’ll pay for a membership. They don’t really do that stuff here, which is actually one of my favorite things about XDating.

I haven’t seen a single profile or contacted a single girl that asked for money. None of the women I’ve slept with off of XDating have asked for crazy cab fare (that’s one of the typical escort tactics on a site like this; the deed goes down and she asks for money to get home instead of asking for money in exchange for sex). There hasn’t been a single profile that comes across as a private investigator trolling for cheating husbands either. So the answer to the question if Xdating is real or fake? I give it the stamp of approval


2) Size of the Membership Base

XDating is definitely the sort of site that’s better if you live in or near a city. The smaller an adult dating site is the more benefit you’ll get in a city. Given the high male to female ratio on all of these sites you really do need good volume if you want a chance to get laid regularly. That’s why it’s recommended you look for another site if you’re out in a rural area. Thankfully the free membership allows you to search thoroughly so no matter what you can sign up for XDating and have a look around to see if the women in your area are interesting.


3) Site Design and Functionality

If I was to level one complaint during this XDating review it’s that the site is just too threadbare. An average profile has a picture or two, a map to indicate the girl’s city of residence, and exceptionally simple stuff like her hair color, eye color, body type, profession, race, and what she’s seeking (men, women, etc). You’re given space to write a message but it’s rare to see someone put in more than a few sentences. Sometimes that information is helpful but sometimes it’s utterly useless. My issue is that you end up messaging way more people at XDating than is necessary. If you know nothing about them you have to find out all that stuff before you meet. The more messaging and chatting you have to do before meeting the longer it’s going to take and the more women you’ll have to message before you get laid, which sort of defeats the purpose of a site like this.

On the other hand, the simplicity lends XDating a kind of beauty that’s lacking in almost every other adult dating site. You’re not bombarded with bogus messages and flirts, there aren’t ads for cam shows you don’t want to see, and there’s no pressure to spend more money all the time. You just find a girl you think is pretty and send her a message. In fact, sending a flirt or a private message is the only way to contact someone. They do it a little like a social network, which ends up making it easy to keep track of the ladies you’ve messaged in the past.


4) Your Chances of Success On Xdating

If you’re in a well-populated area and you’re persistent you’ll find what you want at XDating, although it can be more difficult. I’ve discovered that the simplicity of the site tends to limit the involvement of the girls that sign up. It seems like all the bells and whistles actually do a good job of keeping people engaged. The number of messages I send out here that simply never get returned is a little frustrating and sends me back to other sites.

If you’re looking for young ladies they have a fairly high percentage at XDating, perhaps because they like the design that apes a social network more than almost any other dating site. Most of those girls are difficult to please, unlikely to respond, or downright stupid but if you’re searching for young tail you might want to give it a try. In my experience it’s not worth it since the beauty of youth tends to be overwhelmed by the stupidity spewing from the young mouth or her utter inexperience means she lies there like a dead fish while you do your thing. A girl in her late 20s or early 30s is the sweet spot for great sex at XDating so keep your search right there and you’ll have a great time. Xdating is the real deal and not a scam!


5) Billing Information

A basic one month membership to XDating costs $29.95 and is automatically renewed. If you want to save a little money go for a three month membership up front and get charged only $19.98/month. Your bill should read DG International when it comes in the mail so you don’t have to worry about discretion.

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  1. Mario Roma says
    Nov 20, 2012 | Reply

    I have been a member of Xdating for the last 3 months. I started with a free trial membership to xdating.com and later upgraded to a paid account so that I could use all the sites features. Over all I am very happy with Xdating, it really does work! I only have 2 gripes. 1) The site says its free all over the home page. While its free to sign up, if you want to use any of the sites features including replying to emails you will need a paid membership. This was a huge turn on at first and it caused me to almost delete my account once I realized what was going on. 2) Mobile version. I run into a lot of issues when I try to check my Xdating.com messages via my smart phone. It would be great if they had a mobile app, or at least a skinned version which would give me better access on the go. Other than those two issues Xdating is great! In my 3 months on the site I have chatted with over 20 woman some turned out to just be video and cyber sex buddies, which I was never into until I joined Xdating. Two of the woman I meet I actually hung out with in person and ended up sleeping with so that alone makes Xdating well worth the cost of membership! I gave Xdating.com a review of 4 stars! If they fix the mobile issue it would get a perfect 5 star rating :wink:

  2. Devin Peebles says
    Oct 2, 2012 | Reply

    Believe it or not I met my current live in girlfriend on Xdating! At first my intention for signing up was to have some causal no strings attached fun, but when I met Ashley that all changed! Because she is so open sexually, we now use Xdating together as a way to meet and bring other woman into our bedroom. YEP! I pretty much have the coolest GF in the world! Thank you Xdating! :wink:

  3. Jeff In Scottsdale says
    Sep 20, 2012 | Reply

    Over all I am pretty pleased with how Xdating is going, the site design could be better and I need notice a large number of Scottsdale hookers were members but there was still enough ASU co-eds and local hotties to make it worth the price of admission.

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