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Posted on12 Aug 2012
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Xpress is the best hook up site for finding a local sex buddy. Highly Recommended!

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As a member of Xpress I’ve had exceptionally good luck. I’m a member of so many sites for the purpose of offering reviews but the side benefit of having so many beautiful ladies to choose from and having lots of exceptionally arousing sex is one I’m more than happy to cash in on. With more than 50 million members Xpress is a gigantic dating site and easily one of the largest on the web (it’s hard to tell which of the site is really the largest and it doesn’t matter that much), offering tons of ladies for sex whenever and wherever you are (within reason). The site is simple but well designed and easy to use and each profile offers a great deal of information (if the ladies have chosen to give it). I look forward to checking in every day to see if a hottie or two has gotten back to me for a good time. The answer to the question: Does Xpress work? is YES.


The Five Point Test


1) Real Versus Fake/Scamming Members On Xpress

The one area I take issue with Xpress is here. There are a few too many fake profiles among the listings. If you read the terms and conditions you’ll see a long section on what they call emissaries, which is their way of saying that the site does have some fake profiles and have people send you fake messages to get you to pay for a membership or extra features. In the terms and conditions they say the emissaries are meant to introduce you to different features of the site.

Dispute the sprinkling of fake profiles (which all adult sites have), I still have been able to find a decent amount of REAL local woman on Xpress. One good rule of thumb, if a perfect 10 hits you up out of the blue asking to hang out, there is a good chance she is one of the fake profiles mentioned in the terms and conditions. BEWARE of these woman, there are plenty of actual ladies looking for sex on xpress once you get through the fakes. This is why my Xpress review is a positive one.

There’s a smattering of escorts among the listings but it’s not a terribly effective way for ladies of the night to market themselves so Xpress doesn’t have many in the listings. They have to pay to receive any messages so it would be $30/month to get the word out, which doesn’t really seem worth it. I never came across any private eyes but that can be hard to tell. I have met lots of people on Xpress but the fake profiles do make it a little harder to sort through the listings, which is a negative. Overall though, in the Xpress Real or Fake test, XPRESS IS REAL!


2) Size of the Membership Base

It’s hard to argue with more than 50 million members and the opportunities that come with such a big number. I’ve seen smaller sites say that no matter what you’re still dealing with the same ratio of men to women so your chances of getting laid at any particular adult dating site are the same but that’s just silly; the more women you have to choose from the higher a chance you have at success and that’s why Xpress gets such a high review from me.


3) Site Design and Functionality

I love the design of Xpress and how easy it is to get around. You could criticize it for being a little simple and old school but it doesn’t need to be fancy to be excellent. The color palette of white, red, and black is smart and the actual profiles are laid out exceptionally well to provide tons of information without overwhelming you.

Along the top of every page there are links to all the various sections of the site and for something simple like an adult dating site they have lots of places to go. If you want something besides messaging and chatting with folks they have movies to stream or a virtual world where you can log in and find sex with hot, interesting women or men. You can read about swinger clubs or visit the message board and read the experiences of others. There are lots of different search functions, including the advanced search that allows for a thorough look through the listings by a number of categories.

Contacting other members is easy via chat, email, flirts, and webcam. You can leave a note on any profile that’s for your eyes only, which is a handier feature than you might imagine. If you’re a frequent user you’ll want to know if you’ve already messaged the girl and haven’t heard back or had a bad experience with her and the notes are a great way of doing that.


4) Your Chances of Success On Xpress

Xpress is one of the few Adult Dating Sites where I feel like you have a 100% chance of success in finding someone to have sex with. After I signed up for the first time it only took two days to find a girl and that was probably because it was a Wednesday when I joined and the ladies were waiting for the weekend. We hooked up and it was beautiful with some of the most genuinely mind blowing sex of my life and that was really just the beginning. You’ll have to weed through fake profiles in some cases but it’s worth it because the site is well designed and it’s remarkably easy to message people once you get the ball rolling and find the ones you want to be with. You’ll have a great time, guaranteed.


5) Billing Information

Instead of billing you directly to their company Xpress Dating uses a number of billing companies to do that. It’s the name of those companies that shows up on your credit card. There are four to choose from: CCBill.com, Jettis.com, EPOCH, or Webbilling. They charge $1 for the first three days of your membership and $30/month every 30 days after that. There’s an option to pay $10/month for a featured listing as well. Other sites offer cheaper membership options if you sign up for a year at a time, etc, and I didn’t see that option here at Xpress.

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  1. Brandon N. says
    Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    Ive been a member of Xpress dating now for 3 months and have only had successfully hooked up with 1 girl. Based on all the propaganda surrounding the site I was expecting to be hooking up with a new girl every day. That a side I do have to say Xpress does offer many good features including video chatting and free adult videos in their “gold room” When I signed up I paid for a 6 month plan so I have another few months of trying. As it stands now I would rate the site a 7 based on only getting laid once and do unless this picks up I dont anticipate renewing once my membership expires.

  2. Professor Juggs says
    Feb 7, 2013 | Reply

    It took me a few months of trying to have any success at Xpress dating, but persistence did pay off in the end. If you are a newbie with sex dating you will learn pretty quick these sites a loaded with both fake profiles, and scammers. Unfortunately Xpress dating is now different. That said I would give it some props for limiting the fake profiles to a lower number than other sex dating sites I have been a member of.

    Xpress dating has all the features any good dating site would have such as sending flirts, IM/Video chat, and even some pretty good amateur erotica. Over all I am a happy member and would recommend the site to anyone looking to give casual sex dating a try.

  3. Jaxon In Auston says
    Dec 29, 2012 | Reply

    I have been a happy member of Xpress sex dating for the last 3 months. Like most people I started with a free, VERY LIMITED membership before upgrading to a trial membership, then finally a 3 month plan. During my 3 day trial membership I could tell right away Xpress.com works! In that short period of time I was able to line up 2 dates both of which ended with great success :wink: Since then things have slowed down a bit, most likely before of the holidays. There has been a slower than average influx of new members. I am hopeful however this changes starting next month. Over all I am satisfied member of Xpress dating and have no plans to cancel my membership any time soon! If you are thinking about joining, the site has my stamp of approval!

  4. Johny Boy says
    Dec 2, 2012 | Reply

    Having just broke off a 3 year relationship I was feeling vulnerable when I found Xpress.com and the idea of unattached casual sex was really appealing. I started with a free profile but soon learned to use any of the sites features it requires a gold membership. You are able to search around and check out the woman online but if you want to contact them you must first upgrade. Not one to waste money I spent about an hour looking at all the woman who are members of Xpress dating within 25 miles of me. There were 10 or 15 that really caught my eye. Once I upgraded I started to send out emails and first to them. Out of the all the messages I sent only 2 replied. BUT both were open to the idea of meeting in person after a little flirting back and forth and some pretty hot cam 2 cam chatting I set up dates with both ladies. The first one stood me up but the second one was a big success! I must say singing up to the sex dating site Xpress.com was one of the better choices I have made. If you are thinking about joining I highly recommend you give it a shot.

  5. Wyatt B says
    Nov 29, 2012 | Reply

    So far so good on Xpress dating! I started with a free membership last week and upgraded to a paid account within a few days so I could enjoy all the features Xpress has to offer. As the other reviewers have said the site does have way to many ads in side the site however once you get over that there is plenty to like about Xpress. At any even time there are 50+ woman online within 25 miles of me so that keeps me very busy. So far I have sent out about 85 emails and flirts and hit it off with a hand full of ladies which I have meet in person. I didnt sleep with all of them but each night was fun in its own way! Along with ladies looking to hook up, there are another bunch of other woman that are after video 2 video chatting which I was not really into until I joined Xpress.com. A little advice; If you can not find any woman in your area I recommend opening up your search wider and find woman looking to do video to video chatting which the site offers as a bonus feature to paid members. It can really be a lot of fun! :smile:

  6. Dominick Gomez says
    Nov 16, 2012 | Reply

    As a member of Xpress dating for the last 6 months I can honestly say Xpress works at getting you laid! Its not as easy as some may think, or the site leads you to believe with their guarantees but I am proof it is possible. I am not the best looking guy, but what I do pride myself on is personality, and I have learned with Sex dating or meeting woman online in general that the ability to get a girls attention and keep it with the written word is far more important than having Abercrombie model looks. One word of caution with Xpress or any other sex dating site be wary of Escorts and scammers who are just out for your money. Those are the really quick to reply. It takes a little practice but you will learn how to weed them out and only focus your attention on “real” members which there are plenty on Xpress. Over all I give Xpress.com a very possible review.

  7. Judah R. says
    Nov 10, 2012 | Reply

    I am going to keep my Xpress dating review short and sweet. Xpress.com is legit! I work as a data analysis for a large financial firm so lets crunch the numbers. In the 3 months I have been a member, 83 emails have been sent, 28 received replies, I have meet 13 ladies in person, and successfully “hooked up” with 8 of them. Membership to the site is $30/month making each sexual encounter cost an average of $11.25, less than the cost of 2 drinks at a bar! Xpress.com clearly gets a buy rating from me!

  8. Mathew Rivers says
    Nov 2, 2012 | Reply

    I have nothing but positives things to say about this site. I read the other Xpress.com reviews on this site and others and I agree there are to many ads on the home page BUT the only question any member of Xpress or another sex dating site should ask themselves is, “Does it get me laid?” And I can tell you Xpress works on that front! It does take some effort and I have not smushed every girl I have meet on here but I have hooked up with enough to make it well worth the cost of membership! If you are looking for a legit adult dating site that works xpress.com is for you.

  9. Issac Carter says
    Oct 30, 2012 | Reply

    There is plenty of things Xpress.com does right. Their membership base is massive. I typically find 50+ members online within 10 miles of me, and from what I can tell there is a steady influx of new members. I have successfully hooked up with 2 of the 10 or so woman I have chatted with so I have no doubt Xpress dating works! There are a couple of things Xpress does need to improve on 1) There is way to many penis pill ads on the home page. I am hardly homophobic, but when I am on a site looking to meet and bang chicks I dont want to see a bunch of dicks. The fact the owners of Xpress allow advertisers hocking a snake oil product like penis pills, makes me think they are more about turning a profit than providing a good user experience. 2) Mobile version of Xpress.com, this can really be improved. I have been a member to other dating sites who offer a full mobile members area which allows all the same functions as the full version. With Xpress you can read your messages on your phone but that’s about where the features stop. You can not reply to messages, you can not search for members, and you can not send or receive virtual flirts. Having the ability to meet woman while you are out is a huge plus I wish Xpress would consider adding. Over all my Xpress review is positive but it could be better if they improve a few things.

  10. Jackson In Indy says
    Oct 24, 2012 | Reply

    I have been a member of Xpress.com for almost 6 months now and I have to say Xpress dating really does work! But like most things in life it does take some time and effort to actually meet woman that are looking to hook up. This review pretty much nailed it when they said members on Xpress are 70% real and 30% “fillers” so right out of the gate you need to be able to identify a fake profile or you will waste a lot of time messaging someone that will not get back to you. The next piece of advice I can offer is with introduction emails. Other Xpress.com reviewers have said you need to be creative here. This is SO TRUE! At first I was getting 1 reply for every 10 or so messages I sent to local woman, I am now getting better than a 50% reply rate! I usually take 5 or 10 mins to really comb through a girls profile see what she is into and then approach her with something cleaver. Once you get over those few road blocks Xpress dating is really a great site! I continue to recommend it to all my buddies. :wink:

  11. Ty Jones says
    Oct 13, 2012 | Reply

    Like any typical sex hungry 20 something I found myself on Craig list’s casual encounters section more than a few times. I would send email after email, responding to the local “woman” looking for a good time, only to either get no reply, or magically have my email spammed over and over for everything from penis pills to live cams. Finding a site like Xpress was so refreshing, finally a place I can meet real woman REALLY looking for sex! Like most, I read the Xpress Reviews, and all the “Does Xpress Work?” questions before singing up. As with most products the reviews were somewhat mixed which is the main reason I was complied to write my own. Xpress does work! :wink: But its not as easy as signing up and woman line-up to offer the pootang. It does take some effort, a good profile picture, and being a little creative with your introduction emails. The site is 65% dudes so there is plenty of competition, but if you play it right there is no doubt you can get laid using Xpress! I have already recommended it to all my buddies.

  12. Jess Jenkins says
    Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    I came across Xpress while searching google for wife swapping couples. My wife and I were looking to spice things up. I found Xpress is not directly targeted at men and woman looking to swap, but we did find a lot of people on there as open sexually as we are and looking for fun. The site itself does a really good job making searching and messaging easy as well. Great job Xpress!

  13. JimTheClone says
    Sep 29, 2012 | Reply

    This site definitely has made my life easier not only in terms of finding woman to hook up with, but also in terms of my social life. It has allowed me to connect with other free spirits so are looking for no strings attached fun. My only complaint with Xpress is the influx of new local woman. I live in a pretty small town and most of the woman I have met are over 25 miles away. That said, I still have had a fair amount of success with Xpress.

  14. Peter From Irvine says
    Sep 17, 2012 | Reply

    I singed up to Xpress after i got dumped by my girlfriend… I wasn’t looking for anything serious, just a good time, and this was exactly what i was looking for. All members are looking for either a one night stand or casual sex partnership. If you’re into casual dating this site is perfect!

  15. Tom & Haley says
    Sep 14, 2012 | Reply

    My wife and I have used sex dating sites for a few years now to meet other swinging couples. We have found this to be a wonderful compliment to our local swingers club. We mostly look for women since my wife is bisexual. We came cross Xpress a couple of months ago and have already met a few people. Some of them clicked and some of them didn’t, but over all we are very happy with how Xpress.com is treating us.

  16. theman says
    Sep 6, 2012 | Reply

    Im loving Xpress! Tons of hot babes and a boat load of sexy pictures! And these girls want to meet!! Had some AWESOME dates so far :)

  17. justagirl says
    Sep 3, 2012 | Reply

    I would like to thank you sexdatingguru for pointing me out to this great website! I have made my profile two weeks ago and since then i had 2 dates with 2 great guys!! I will be seeing the second one again today so fingers crossed =)

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